Two things missing that Google Plus needs are…

…Events and Fan Pages.

Events are the one thing that keeps my Facebook account inactive active. Most of the time, if I want to not be forgotten about when it comes to been invited to an event, I need to be on Facebook. If I’m not, a lot of the time I will be forgotten about because I wasn’t on their friends list*. Event management in Facebook is probably one of the few things that Facebook has really nailed, and is the reason many people made accounts in the first place. Google desperately needs an event system that is at least on par with that of Facebook, and has really tight Google Calendar integration (and with over half a million Android phones been activated every day, Google Calendar may start to be used by those who have never thought of using it before if it’s convenient.)

Fan pages. This is almost the one thing that keeps MySpace in existence, and Facebook loves. Businesses, bands, and common interest groups can have their own page, public or private, and everyone loves it. Bands love the exposure it brings, and people love free stuff (in the case of bands, a few songs streaming.) This is something I have heard that Google is going to implement soon (beats me why they don’t have it from the start,) but I can’t find any source to back that up.

* Granted, if they’re only inviting me because I’m on their friends list, it’s probably not something I’m likely to go to. The things that I’m likely to go to are ones where, if I wasn’t on Facebook, the organised would go out of his or her way to let me know via email, though it does make it difficult, so I don’t really want to do that to people.

Edit (11th July, 2011): I meant keeps my Facebook account active, not inactive. Whoops.

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