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Virgin Mobile (Optus) service level getting worse

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Has anyone else been having issues with Virgin/Optus? Vodafone have been having service issues since at least the beginning of 2010, and I’ve always thought of using the Optus network as a good compromise… not as good as Telstra, but not as bad as Vodafone. I feel that the service level of the Optus network has dropped in the past 2 months.

My theory is this: Optus aren’t really doing much to upgrade their 3G network at the moment as far as I know (there are plans for LTE I believe, but that’s no good at the moment.) Vodafone have been forced to because their service was that bad, but are still losing customers. Where are those customers going? If they were with Vodafone before, they will probably move to Optus because of the pricing similarities, meaning Optus are getting a whole lot of new customers. Great for revenue, bad for overall quality of service.

I have contacted their support about it, and am awaiting a reply, though if they can’t resolve it I’ll be forced to move away from Optus and probably go to Telstra (which, whilst in general more expensive, their plans are much better these days, including some good prepaid ones.)

Does anyone else feel as thought the Optus network is turning into the new Vodafone? It’s bound to happen if people are jumping ship from Vodafone.