Archives for : August2012 in Australia: Remove the pesky Ninemsn bar

Today Microsoft released a new web mail service, It is really nice. Clean and simple, what Gmail used to be.

However, Microsoft always have to ruin a good thing by trying to do a little bit of country specific branding. In Australia, it’s ninemsn (which hopefully dies one day, it’s holding Microsoft back.) Anyway, every time you log into your shiny new Outlook inbox, you will see the following:

It just ruins a good thing, especially when it sometimes causes the search box to be covered by the blue bar in a bug that happens occasionally (not shown in screenshot.) However, it’s nothing a simple Greasemonkey script can’t take care of.

Download here. Should work on Chrome, and Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension installed.

Update 2/Aug/2012
Unfortunately, with a very recent update to Chrome, Google have made it difficult to install extensions. I’ll look into putting it in the web store, but it seems like such a simple extension that it shouldn’t need to be in the web store. There is a way to add it to Chrome on this help page.

Update 3/Aug/2012
Looks like Microsoft has listened, and a “fix” is on it’s way. Hopefully their definition of fix is the same as everyone else, and it will involve removing it completely.

Update 3/Aug/2013
New version to remove additional space on the right that Ad Block doesn’t remove.