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It’s the size of small children

There is a very large number of single issue parties (“Voluntary Euthanasia Party” anyone?) but I think the “Motoring Enthusiast Party” takes the cake for the newest no-apparent-issue party to join the ballot. Well, I guess there’s also the Wikileaks Party and the Pirate Party.

If I’m out of contact on the 7th, I’m probably busy voting below the line. I’m budgeting a couple of hours to complete. I’ll try and remember to take a snack.

The ABC has an entire article addressing the size of the ballot paper.

Effectively ceasing development on Android Apps

Due to lack of time I’m effectively having to cease working on my two published apps. This is a long time coming, as I haven’t updated the apps for some time when they’re in dire need of updating. However until now I had always intended to keep working on them, but I just never did.

I may continue to work on them if I have time, however I’m making this post so there aren’t any expectations. I made no money what so ever off them, and I never wanted too – I started them both because I saw a need for them and because I was really interested in mobile development. They were a hobby. However they have become too big to be just a hobby (especially with some very annoying bugs that I could never duplicate on my phone but were definitely there on some phones) and took too much work and effort. Whilst I did enjoy working on them, there are more important things in my life and fixing bugs and adding new features kept getting pushed further and further back in my priorities.


PS if anyone is interested in continuing to work on them (Number Search Australia and Virgin Mobile Usage Australia) drop a comment here and I’ll get in touch 🙂

Results from the "Your God" Poll

Me (left) and our chaplain Rob testing out the poll on a phone, with a TV in the background displaying the results.

Last week (starting 12th of August 2013) the Christian group on my campus (which I’m heavily involved in) ran a poll to tie in with the AFES Your God mission. We were asking people what were the top three things they couldn’t live without. The items, in alphabetical order, were:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Holidays
  • Justice
  • Nature
  • Romance
  • Sex
  • Shopping
  • Socialising
  • Sport
  • Study
  • Technology

We walked up to people with tablets (mostly iPads as every first year has one.) The person would then choose three of the above listed items; they weren’t ranked so each item would contribute one vote to it’s tally. In addition to having everything done on iPads, we had a couple of TV screens showing the live results in the main foyer.

This is the screen people were presented with on an iPad, other tablet or smart phone.

In addition we asked two follow up questions: “Do you think God wants you to enjoy these things?” and “Are these things more important to you than God?” Are these biased questions? Somewhat, it’s very hard to make unbiased questions! However the goal of these questions was to create discussion rather than produce absolutely scientific result.

So, what were the results? Family came first, beating second place Socialising by more than double and chosen as one of their three options by almost 80% of people. Technology, Nature, Justice, Sport, Study and Career followed, with Romance, Sex, Holidays and Shopping coming in at the last 4.

Are these results skewed in any way? Possibly; we were approaching people who were just passing through at Uni, not specifically targeting any type of person, however not everyone wanted to be apart of the survey, so I guess it’s skewed by those who took part. It can also be skewed by people not being 100% truthful as a result of being watched (unavoidable when approaching people); for example, I expected Sex to be higher on the list. However, this isn’t a scientific study, it’s just an informal poll that we did! As mentioned above, this is also why we weren’t too concerned about the wording of the follow up questions; it was worded as a conversation starter and thought provoker.

So, after wrestling with a bit of SQL (it’s been too long!), I’ve finally got the raw results. They are:

Family 103
Socialising 46
Technology 39
Nature 36
Justice 36
Sport 25
Study 24
Career 20
Romance 20
Sex 18
Holidays 15
Shopping 8

We had a total of 130 people vote (as such the total number of votes is 390 as everyone got three votes.)For the follow up questions, the results are…

Do you think God want’s you to enjoy these things?
Yes: 97
No: 6
Maybe: 23

Are these things more important to you than God?
Yes: 26
No: 76
Maybe: 24

Not everyone who voted on the items answered the follow up question, however most people did (only 4 didn’t.)

What’s more interesting is the combinations of these questions. For example, many people would have thought the “right” answer was “Yes then No” and chosen that because it’s what they thought we wanted to hear. And in deed, 66 people (over half) chose that combination. The full combinations are below; the first yes/no/maybe relating to the question about God wanting us to enjoy these things, and the second yes/no/maybe relating to the question about those things being more important to you than God.

Enjoy Important
Yes Yes 12
Yes No 66
Yes Maybe 19
No Yes 5
No No 0
No Maybe 1
Maybe Yes 9
Maybe No 10
Maybe Maybe 4

All the results presented here are for UWS Penrith campus.

So whilst it’s a very informal survey, it still produced some interesting results.

If we talked to people the way we talk to God

(Source: Well, I got it from Christian Memes; check their source for the original)

Updated User Script – Fuller Content Area and Ninemsn Toolbar

A year ago I published a very simple user script to remove the annoying ninemsn toolbar that appeared for Australian users. A year on, I’ve made a tiny modification to remove the additional space to the right of the main panel. This space is often used for ads, though many people won’t see ads there (e.g. if you’re using Ad Block, the ad will be removed but it will leave empty space.)

Download version 2 here.