Mozilla: Not as Open and Free as we First Thought


The recent resignation of Mozilla CEO over recent “controversy” shows that gay marriage activists are indeed themselves the intolerant.

The story so far. About four years ago, Brendan Eich, the then CTO of Mozilla, made a donation to a pro-marriage organisaton. This was a private donation coming from his own funds. Recently, Eich was appointed as CEO of Mozilla, and someone obviously decided they’d do a bit of digging into some old records, and found the aforementioned donation.

Should this be a problem? Absolutely not, just as it shouldn’t be a problem if he made a donation to a pro-gay marriage organisation. Why should a company care where its employees donate their personal funds to (bar illegal and hate group organisations)? It was his money. He can do with it what he likes. Yet still, many Mozilla employees took to social media to express their dismay at Eich’s appointment as CEO. But so what? The CEO of my workplace isn’t going to resign because his personal views conflict with mine. Why should he? What right do I have to try and force him out? In fact, in a standard workplace, it’d be basically impossible to have the personal views of the CEO align with the personal views of all the employees. Why does one group get special treatment?

It basically comes down to the mentality of “I’m right, you’re wrong, and I don’t agree with your view.”

There is some good to come out of this. This will backfire for the gay marriage activist community. They have shown that they aren’t ready for real political dialogue. They have shown that that they themselves are intolerant, bigoted and bullies. They have becomes the hypocrites they claimed to hate.

This has been happening for some time – we’ve always known that there are many people who fight for gay marriage who are intolerant, bigoted and bullies (there are also many who aren’t) – but it’s finally starting to come into the spotlight who they really are. You can judge people more by their actions than their words.

I have in the past donated to Mozilla. In the future I intend to be directing donations to my local pro-family group. I would encourage anyone else who supports preserving marriage for our future generations to do the same.

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