Society Hasn’t Cared about Marriage for Ages

Recently watching late night commercial TV, my attention was caught by an ad for what was either an adult hook-up site or an escort site (I haven’t visited it to find out and the ad was unclear.) It started with a man singing “I want someone other than my wife,” progressively building up to a chorus with other men.

I’m certainly not naïve enough to think that these services didn’t exist, I was immediately struck by how casual this commercial was making such a service seem. It wasn’t portraying it as some shady service that you’d find in the back alley a dodgy suburb, but almost flaunting the want and desire as something that’s acceptable and natural. I was appalled at how casual this company was treating adultery.

Our society is starting to devalue marriage even more. As people push for the definition of marriage to be broadened, they are inadvertently making it less meaningful than what it once was. This can be changing the definition that society uses, such as TV advertisements pushing for people to treat marriage not as a monotonous life-long commitment, or people pushing to change the definition to include any mixture of genders and number of people, society doesn’t seem to care that much about marriage.

This is a real shame – marriage plays a fundamental role for our society. In its traditional form, it’s designed to provide a safe environment to rear and raise children. This may not always happen. Not all marriages produce children (and not all end up being a safe environment) but that doesn’t deter away from the fact this is what they are designed to be able to provide and in most cases do. We need to push to protect marriage. Not just from obvious organised ways to change the legal definition, but from the way society is changing to treat marriage. Marriage can, and to an extent has been, destroyed by means other than law changes. We need to fight to defend marriage from all fronts.

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