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Timetable Manager 2.1 with UWS support (custom build)

A heads up if you attend the University of Western Sydney and want to manage your Timetable more efficiently. I’ve just added support for UWS timetables to a program called Uni Timetable Manager by Jack Valmadre (from University of Queensland.) When I first saw the program, I was very impressed, and quickly went away to try and add support for UWS.

Quick Tutorial
  1. To use it, download the .exe, launch it and select “Import.”
  2. When prompted, select UWS. You will be presented with a page that allows you to enter your unit code.
  3. Enter the FULL unit code (e.g. 300167.2 ┬áthe decimal point is essential) and click “Fetch Unit.”
  4. A list of different sessions and campus will be presented (e.g. 2011 Spring Penrith Campus.) Click on your preferred session.
  5. Click on “Use Selected” to add this timetable to the list of timetables.
  6. Repeat the previous 3 steps for every other unit (subject) that you want to use in your timetable. The program currently supports up to 4 units.
  7. Click next.
  8. You don’t need to make any changes at the “Preview Stream Data” stage. Just click next if it looks alright (right subjects and right number of lectures and tutes)
  9. Initially, all the classes are set to required (UWS doesn’t specify in the handbook whether they are required or not, so all UWS ones are automatically set to required. May be different for other Universities.) If there are any particular classes you want to ignore, move it over to ignore.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Your timetable is now loaded into the program. Any classes/lectures with only one session are automatically loaded. Any classes/lectures with multiple options are in “Remaining” and can be dragged onto the timetable.
Known Limitations
The program is known to crash if, when using the UWS web import function (as described above,) the timetable hadn’t been filled out properly (i.e. the timetable exists but it is too early before the start of the unit, so the precise times of classes haven’t been loaded) or if an invalid unit number is selected. If this happens, quit and try again. Make sure that every session you select has a valid timetable associated with it.
There may also be other issues. If you come across any, please report them in the comments.
This version isn’t an official release, rather a custom build, as I don’t control the official releases. Support for UWS is likely to appear in the next official release. This is a custom build of the current release (2.1) with the additional support for UWS.
In true open source fashion, the changes in this custom build have been committed as Revision 12 on the Google Code page for this program. The only difference between this and the committed copy is I have added the text “with UWS Support (Custom Build)” in a few locations, and my name in the About Box.